Kanon Organic Vodka Throws Annual Midsummer Fest At The Bowery Hotel With WeSC

by Kristin Rachlin · June 25, 2012

    On Friday night, Kanon Organic Vodka and WeSC hosted a party to celebrate the Swedish holiday Midsummer. The party featured both Swedish and American performers including ASAP Rocky and Icona Pop, and opened with DJs including Andrew Wyatt, Swedish Coco Morier, Zebra Katz, and Redd Foxxx.

    Guests danced around the Maypole centerpiece by Brenton Wolf while sipping on elderflower Kanon Cocktails and wearing flower crowns made by The Flower Girl. Guests included ASAP Rocky, Alexander Wang, Andrej Pejic, Harry Bee, Redd Foxx, Zebra Katz, Laura Polko, Scott Lipps, Stefania Pia, Sky Nellor, Susan Kirschbaum, Maxwell Osborne, Genevieve Jones, Fiona Byrne, Brandee Brown, Andrew Bevan, and Albie Hueston.

    [Photo: Redd Foxx, Zebra Katz] [ASAP Rocky]

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    [Zebra Katz, Redd Foxx]

    [Redd Foxx, Zebra Katz] [Alexander Wang]

    [Genevieve Jones, Julia Loomis] [Scott Lipps]

    [Michelle Siwy , Fiona Byrne]

    [Andrew Bevan]

    [ASAP Rocky]

    [Andrej Pejic] [Laura Polko]

    [ASAP Rocky]

    [Harry Bee, Denise Porcaro] [Rc Brown, Kyleigh Kuhn]

    [Adam Copeland]

    [Photos via BFA, via]