"Karma Cash & Carry" Exhibit Hopes To Bring Good Fortune

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 26, 2010

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    Artist Jakkai Siributr celebrated the opening of his "Karma Cash & Carry" exhibition at the Tyler Rollins Fine Art Gallery on Thursday. And just because Siributr makes working with textiles and embroidery look easy, you probably can't do it. (Us included.)-

    After studying textile design in college here in the U.S., Siributr returned to his native Thailand to start working on works of art that would make bold statements about Thailand's religion, politics and society. His art frequently explores the point at which Buddhism intersects with Thailand's modern life materialism, in addition to pop culture.

    "Karma Cash & Carry" is made up of extraordinarily beautiful combos of Thai fabrics, embroidery and stunning work with sequins. The exhibition's concept revolves around the idea of a "karmic convenience store," with fortune telling and winning lottery number predictions, where good luck and merit is bought and sold. So go check it out, because who doesn't need more of that?