Katherine Heigl And Isaac Mizrahi Join The Dogs At The Plaza Hotel

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · April 16, 2010

    [All images by Billy Farrell for PMc] The Plaza Hotel really has gone to the dogs, hasn't it? Katherine Heigl and Isaac Mizrahi were joined by Philly the Dog at ASPCA's Bergh Ball last night at last night's ASPCA Bergh Ball.


    The event was a black tie affair; even the dogs were dressed in their best. The women wore long gowns, and the men looked dapper in their bow-ties, and tuxes. Steve Tanger added a little flair with a plaid waist band.

    Guests enjoyed dinner and champagne as Ed Sayres, the President of the ASPCA, spoke about the program. On the dinner tables were paper masks of dog and cat faces, which everyone had fun posing with.  The rest of the evening was spent dancing, and enjoying the night.

    Katherine Heigl was honored with the President's Award, a welcome boost to her much maligned public image.

    Joining Heigl were model Maggie Rizer, Anisha Lakhani, Alexandra Lind Rose, Somers Farkas, Liliana Cavendish, and Katherine's mom.


    Ed Sayres, Anisha Lakhani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Maggie Rizer

    Alexandra Lind Rose, Mark Gilbertson, Barbara Regna

    Somers Farkas, Michelle Gradin, Kim White, Laura Barket, Linda Lambert, Margo McNabb Nederlander

    Adam Zucker, Arielle Greenberg, Benjamin Lambert, Linda Lambert

    Allison Aston, Alexandra Lind Rose

    Angelica Compagno, Liliana Cavendish

    Amy Cosman, Steve Tanger

    Anisha Lakhani, Spirit the Dog

    Barbara Regna, Peter Regna, Stephanie Kamfar, Charlene Nederlander, Margo McNabb Nederlander, James Nederlander Sr.

    Elke Gazzara, Jean Shafiroff, Margo Langenberg, EdMundo Huerta, Carolina Portago

    Chele Chiavacci, Jonathan Farkas

    Francine LeFrak, Rick Friedberg

    Jay Aston, Melanie Fascitelli, John Auerbach, Andrew Black

    Harry Slatkin, Liliana Cavendish, Kurt Wolfgruber, Kim White

    Jennifer Kennedy, Michelle Gradin

    Nancy Heigl, Katherine Heigl

    Lucy Suarez, Phil Suarez, Melissa Foss, Kris Zdyb

    Marcia Levine, Pierre Levai, Mia McDonald, Angelica Compagno

    Melissa Morris, Chappy Morris, Mary Puris

    Ron Delsener, Meredith Belden

    Cena Hackler-Jackson, Liz Walker, Julie Kasle, Sara Gilbane Sullivan Lucia Hwong Gordon, Stephanie Kamfar, Laura Barket, Chrissy Carter