With glitter in our hair (and cocktails), we sang along at a supermodel soirée last night hosted by Target and IMG. Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Emily Ratajkowski, and Christie Brinkley sizzled at RED's, the saucy piano bar at The Park at Moynihan Station. A legend behind the keys, Paul Shaffer led the evening, which included pop-up performances by Matthew Morrison, Queen Latifah, Rufus Wainwright, and Spencer Ludwig. Between rounds at the Broadway-worthy GIF photo booth, guests took in some stylish doodles by Napkin Killa, on, what else?, napkins framed around the space. Typewriter bound poets were also conveniently positioned besides the bar, madly concocting custom haikus (we opted for ones about cigarettes and champagne because that's who we are). The bash culminated with an all-hands-on-deck rendition of "Purple Rain," which did not make us cry, there was just something in our eye... Click through for an inside look!

[Photo by Neil Rasmus/BFA.com]