Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Board of Tourism teamed up on Thursday night to throw La Noche from Spain. The event at Instituto Cervantes’ lovely Amster Yard garden was filled to the brim with Spanish culture manifested in art, food, drink, and conversation. Thanks to Spain Fresh, an arts agency that promotes art related to Spanish culture in an international context, guests enjoyed a lineup of contemporary dance choreographed and performed by Irene Sivianes, jazz music by Albert Marqués and his quartet, a DJ set by Alex Pasternak, and a lighting installation by Laia Cabrera & Co. All the while, partygoers chatted away in between bites of tapas by restaurants Socarrat, Txikito, and Salinas and sips of cava.

This spirited collaboration between the Board of Tourism, Instituto Cervantes, and Spain Fresh more than achieved the goal of the event—to display the endlessly exciting facets of Spanish culture and how they continue to thrive in New York City. 

[Photos by Nuria Rius / Spain Fresh]