Library Lions Meet Literary Giants At New York Public Library Gala

by Chiara Atik · November 2, 2010

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    Ready to geek out over some literary bigwigs? Ok: last night's Library Lions Gala at the New York Public Library honored Zadie Smith, (On Beauty, White Teeth), Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink), and Steve Martin (Shopgirl, The Pleasure Of My Company) (and, yeah, ok, the Three Amigos.)-

    Other attendees included NYPL President Paul LeClerc, and the multi-talented Ethan Hawke, who, yes, has written a novel. (Writing a novel is totally the  equivalent of "oh, yeah, I'm also recording an album" for older male actors.)

    Of course, last night's guest list was just as impressive as the honorees: representing Nobel Prize winners was Henry Kissinger, representing movie stars was Christina Ricci in Marchesa, representing daytime tv were Bryant Gumbel, Regis Philbin and Matt Lauer, representing College Humor (I guess?) were Bee Shaffer and Jake Hurwitz, and representing HuffPo was Arianna Huffington herself. Speaking of Arianna...

    We'd like to introduce a new feature to Guest of a Guest:

    Media Moguls: They're Just Like You!

    Here is Arianna Huffington, at a party, by herself, tapping away at her blackberries, being anti-social. If you've never done this at a party, well: we don't believe you.