On World Environment Day, the Lonely Whale Foundation celebrated their co-founder Adrian Grenier’s new appointment as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador at Spring Studios. After a day marked by Grenier’s lighting of the Empire State Building in green and subsequent speech at the United Nations, the foundation hosted an intimate gathering of friends and ocean health leaders. The evening included music by DJ Jasmine Solano and a poignant speech from Adrian’s mother, Karesse, who introduced Adrian with a reflection on his growth into an empathetic environmentalist. The celebration also featured the foundation’s “Sucker Punch” booth, co-produced by The BOSCO. Programming concluded with a viewing of Lonely Whale Foundation’s newest celebrity-driven campaign challenge, #StopSucking, which is set to launch on June 21st in support of their Strawless Ocean program.

Learn more about Lonely Whale Foundation’s initiative at strawlessocean.org and watch their SXSW Sucker Punch recap reel below.

Guests in attendance included Adrian Grenier, Lucy Sumner, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss, Henry Pincus, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Mark Dalio, Willa Fitzgerald, Michael Skolnik, Melati & Isabel Wisjen, and Olga Palladino.

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