Cherry Pop Gallery Opening

Over the weekend, models Hildie Gifstad and Chantal Stafford-Abbott celebrated their joint art exhibition, “Cherry Pop” at 130 Allen St. A sleek, temporary exhibition space at Miles LES played host to a dizzying array of cool creatives. The exhibition attracted over 300 New Yorkers including artists, musicians, photographers, agents, casting directors, models, designers and tastemakers. Check out our slideshow for more!

Who was there: Guests included Hildie Gifstad, Chantal Stafford-Abbott, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Sophia Lamar, William Vitiello, Tilda Landstam, Kelsey Markey, Felix Wong, Phil Harris, Marc Live, Madison Headrick, Zach Iser, Frances Coombe, and Gertrud Hegelund.

[Photos courtesy of Felix Wong]