Mr. Brainwash Makes His Mark All Over The New York EDITION

Last night, the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery and Artnet celebrated artists Mr. Brianwash and Zoe Duchesne at the New York EDITION. After a week of kick-off parties, the EDITION kept it going and found a way to keep things fresh. Rather than use the lobby bar or the Clocktower restaurant, guests were ushered onto the 3rd floor, which was decked out with Mr. Brainwash's pieces at every turn. And to add a little chaos to the decor, Mr. Brainwash walked around with a roll of yellow police tape that read 'Life Is Beautiful,' which he proceeded to apply to the walls, elevators, and onto the fascinated guests.

Those were far from the only pieces that drew attention, however. An army of Stormtrooper cardboard-cutouts proved to be one of the favorite works (according to the amount of people peeking out from behind them to get that perfect Instagram), while Duchesne's short film about her doll-like character Poupée had the guests transfixed, with the former model showcasing how women are used in the fashion and entertainment industry through her performance piece.

Elsewhere there were painted slogans such as 'Be Ambitious Not Greedy,' Banksy stencils reworked onto crumbling canvases for effect, and graffiti'd out paintings over pop culture figures. Following the event, everyone headed to the lobby where the party converged with the Kent & Curwen dinner, and guests including Harif Guzman, Ben Pundole, Elle Dee, and Brendan Fallis all enjoyed cocktails.

[Photos by Sam Deitch/BFA]