David Crosby is 77 years old. He's been a member of three of the biggest music groups in history, the voice behind some of the most recognizable, beloved songs of the past 50 years. But he will not let you make him America's Sweetheart. Along with first time Director A.J. Eaton and producer Cameron Crowe, Crosby set out to create a film that laid bare all his many truths - ugly, funny, sad, enviable and then some. For his is a story that has it all. Addiction, love, music, anger, friendship and loss.

In a world of flattery first, Remember My Name truly stands apart as a non-agenda film that in no way takes any airbrushing liberties, showing viewers the real flawed, talented, beloved, and contentious man.

Click through for shots from The Cinema Society screening at The Roxy Cinema, overbrimming with friends, family and fans, and after-party at Jimmy at the James Hotel where guests toasted the film with Qui tequila cocktails.

[Photos by Paul Bruinooge /PMC]