Music Unites And Rolling Stone Present The Fiery Furnaces

by CHRISTINE LAI · June 30, 2010

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    Music Unites and Rolling Stone Magazine hosted an event featuring musicians The Fiery Furnaces. The showcase concert was attended by many of the city's local reality stars including "The Real Housewives of New Jersey's'" Danielle Staub and "The City's" Samantha Swerta in addition to New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer and Heatherette designer Richie Rich.

    The evening was spent on the rooftop and penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel where guests got a chance to listen to The Fiery Furnaces in a live performance. The crowd was a mixture of music lovers, New Yorkers, and some of the city's major social scene. Among the attendants, we were surprised by the appearance of crazy/paranoid Danielle Staub, or more like the lack of appearance of her body guards and entourage. She seemed "sane" of now. It seemed like a great night as exemplified by Swerta's tweet, "Love u guys RT @XxPJC: @SamanthaSwetra couldn't be happier. Best. Night. Ever. Just wish becks (@beckadiamond) were here!!" (so glad she didn't decide to tweet about "The City" every other minute of the show like her fellow co-stars cough cough Whitney Port and Roxy Olin).

    Sponsors Perry Ellis and Absolut Vodka guaranteed that the finest were seen and that they drank the finest drinks. Spike Lee's limited edition Absolut Brooklyn was specifically featured as the main spirit.  The expansive view of the city, strong cocktails, and breezy weather made the event a hit.