The Park Avenue Armory was positively bustling last evening as over 700 young, enthusiastic guests posed for photos, admired the antiques on display, and gossiped about the presence of one Caroline Calloway (!) - though truthfully, I was most amused by Tom Sturridge, his North Face puffer and hoop earring (!!). Gotta love The Winter Show's Young Collector's Night! 

Personally, when attending an art fair at the Armory, I find it best to survey the rooms on the perimeter, and then move into the inner lanes. But with booths splayed in every direction bursting with gorgeous silver trinkets and gorgeous wood inlay tables, it was basically impossible to stay on course without drifting aimlessly, prey to some labyrinth-like path of pretty things. Luckily, in place of a minotaur, the center of the antique-filled maze featured a bright blue arbor designed by the event's Creative Director Luke Edward Hall where everyone crowded around picking on delightful freshly sliced prosciutto sandwiches.

Click through for a smattering of the stylish attendees!

[Photos by Zach Hilty for BFA]