We know where you'll be partying this fall and it has an unusual, non-gimmicky gimmick. Kola House, the new bar above Gilded Lily, sees nightlife players Eric Marx and Lisle Richards combining forces with PepsiCo to create a surprisingly cool, surprisingly non-branded experience dedicated to the kola nut. There was no force-feeding of Pepsi at last night's grand opening party hosted by Swizz Beatz, Jenne Lombardo and AJ Calloway; instead, resident "flavor chemist" Alex Ott served up experimental cocktails making use of the nut's natural taste while Executive Chef Jon Feshan dished out inventive bites. While the space played host to a bevy of bashes during NYFW, opening night was major, with A-list guests including Maxwell, Hannah Bronfman, and Public School designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow taking in a surprise performance by LCD Soundsystem. Click through for a look at what you missed!

[Photo by Leandro Justen/BFA.com]