Spark up a cigarette and pop the Bollinger, it's time to toast the U.S. premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie! Last night, Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon (a.k.a. comedic duo Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders) took to New York, where they were joined by the likes of Jon Hamm, Chris Colfer, and, of course, a cast of drag queens, to celebrate their new film. 

The Blonds, who dressed the stars in appropriately glamorous garb for the occasion, told us they would love to have Patsy and Edina walk their runway. "That would be amazing. Put it out there, you never know at the end of the season!" Co-star Colfer revealed why the Ab Fab ladies are so relatable, having stood the test of time for decades. "They’re so terrible, they’re so awful, but they’re so authentic to who they are. That's what we all respond to. Even though they’re mean, they’re jealous, they’re everything we’re not supposed to be, they wear their hearts on their sleeve and that’s really why we love them so much."

While the wild after-party was hosted at the Gramercy Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel, Lumley let us in on her character's would-be New York debauchery; "Patsy doesn't really remember names of bars, but that is where she would be, in a bar...[and] probably the Crosby Street Hotel, they would stay down there. Patsy can get out like an alley cat in the night time. Pick up some guys, hang out with people."

Speaking of hanging out with people, the actresses had plenty of company post-screening. With bottles upon bottles of their favorite champagne (Bollinger) in the building, Stoli cocktails, and a GIF photo booth fit for Kate Moss (alas, she was not in attendance), the Gramercy Park soirée saw us dancing late into the evening. Let's just say it was all just absolutely fabulous

[Photos courtesy FOX Searchlight Pictures]