Paul McCarthy Combines Art, Altruism & Skateboarding At The MoMA Design Store

On Friday, Skateroom and the MoMA Design Store presented the special PROPO collection of skate decks designed by famed artist Paul McCarthy. The Agnes Gund Garden Lobby was filled with cases holding 215 skateboards (with several cases serving as the bar, holding beer and wine rather than skateboards) featuring 10 different prints based on McCarthy's PROPO photographs. The proceeds from the skateboards all go entirely to fund Skateistan's first skate school in Johannesburg. The school would use skateboarding as a channel to educate and provide opportunities to youths of different socio-economic positions. The guests were eager to support the cause, with many people toting around their new decks. Artist Richard Phillips told us about his passion for skateboarding he's maintained since his days with the best skate crews on the East Coast. Nonetheless, he was excited when the staff finally stepped in to hand him his deck which he pulled out to reveal the image of a "Ken Doll."

Who was there: Guests included Paul McCarthy, Richard Phillips, Chloe Wise, Genevieve Jones, Adam Werner, Richie Kahn, Bella Schulman, May Kwok, Brendan Fallis, Dev Hynes, Peter Davis, Hanuk Hanuk, Rich Cole, Hari Nef, and Adam Werner.

[Photos by by Dean Neville/]