Pretty Young Things Rejuvenates The NY Art Scene

by Chiara Atik · May 25, 2010

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    The pretty young emerging artists of New York City showed off their pretty new things at temporary salon-style art show that opened this past weekend at 833 Broadway. 23 contemporary artists celebrated their vibrant exhibition with cotton candy and quite the party.-

    The show, produced by Anne Huntington and Diana Campbell, exhibited works by young contemporary artists in a downtown loft in order to showcase the important place of emerging artists in both personal collections and personal spaces. The show was an effort to display the art in a casual, unstuffy environment, and to promote both the livability and accessibility of the artwork.

    Even the simple addition of cotton candy did a great deal to eliminate the pretension that is so often found at art openings-PYT proved that a New York Opening doesn't have to be all serious squinting at pictures while sipping on white wine. The exhibit was meant to remind both young artists and young collectors alike of the possibility of pure fun in the art scene.