Valentine's Day, 0 degree forecasts, parties with Opening Ceremony, Hood by Air, DVF...could the odds have been any more against the Public School guys this season? But that's when they've always thrived, and no one can contest the strong gravitational pull Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow have with the fashion set. This time that brought the crowd to Rose Bar, the elegant space at the Gramercy Park Hotel that is slowly returning to the debauched after-hours spot that once earned it a reputation. Sure enough Public School sensed that, tapping dancers from The Box, DJ Ruckus, and the hardest partygoers for the late-night event. 

At one point there was clamor over a near-fight (it would be gauche to actually fight, it is fashion after all), not unlikely when everyone is shoulder-to-shoulder surrounding the center of the room as Future is blasting on the speakers (also, did they not get a hold of TLOP yet?). And in true Public School fashion, they broke out an unexpected surprise like the drum-lines or artist installations of past events; this time it was a Doo-Wop group, who ineffectually worked hard to stretch their voices across the boisterous room. It was a refreshing, dare I say romantic way to mix it up after the umpteenth "surprise" rapper's "surprise" performance at every other NYFW event. So Public School stays on its hot streak, Rose Bar returns to its hard-partying roots, and once again fashion powers through every obstacle to get another one in the books. 

Who was there: Guests included Maxwell Osborne, Dao-Yi Chow, Serge Ibaka, Sean Lennon, Constance Jablonski, Chanel Iman, Shanina Shaik, Eric Marx, Adam Spoont, Matthew Green, Abel Daniel, DJ Ruckus, Mia Moretti, Cleo Wade, Eugene Tong, and Danielle Bernstein. 

[Photos by Madison McGaw/]