On Wednesday, March 6, guests joined renowned interior designer Leta Austin Foster to celebrate the launch of her luxury “room in a box” concept PREtty FABulous Rooms over breakfast in Quadrille’s fabulous New York City showroom. Amid the beautiful fabrics, Foster shared the inspiration behind PRE FAB and her mission to offer a luxurious and fully furnished, professionally designed room with the ease of online shopping and one day installation anywhere in the United States.

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Who Was There: Robert Rufino, Alison Levasseur, Tony Freund, Parker Larson, Emma Bazilian, Chris Meigher, Hadley Keller, Madeline O’Malley, Alice Doyle, Ellie Price, Kate O’Neill, John Fondas, Chesie Breen, Ellen Niven, Carol Vargo, and Coco Van der Wolk.

[Photos via Josh Wong for Guest of a Guest]