Ballroom Marfa Gala

The Ballroom Marfa Benefit Gala took place at Prince George Ballroom last night with guests including Rainer Judd, Naomi Campbell, Texas-bred Luke Wilson, Dustin Yellin, Martha Stewart, and more. The event, which celebrated the 11th anniversary of the contemporary arts space, stayed true to the spirit of Marfa, Texas. Ballroom Marfa was led by Ballroom cofounders Fairfax Dorn and Virginia Lebermann, and executive director Susan Sutton. For more from the event, be sure to check out our slideshow.

Who was there: Guests included Fairfax Dorn, Graham Reynolds, Allison Sarofim, Douglas Friedman, Jenny Laird, Susan Sutton, Martha Stewart, Lacey Dorn, Naomi Campbell, Sofia Coppola, Dustin Yellin, Sandy Rower, Christy MacLear, Nathaniel Quinn, Reed Krakoff, Sue Hostetler, Virginia Lebermann, Alexandra Chemla, Bettina Prentice, Jessica Hart, Luke Wilson, Marc Glimcher, Maria Baibakova, Rainer Judd, Rambert Rigaud, and Yvonne Force Villareal.

[Photos by Jenny Anderson]