Robert Verdi Celebrates Jack Purcell Anniversary

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · April 9, 2010

    [All images by Will Ragozzino for PMc] It's hard to believe that Converse, the sneakers for the young at heart, is turning 75 years old. Last night, fans of the famous shoe gathered at the Jane Hotel to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jack Purcell.-

    Guests such as Robert Verdi, Ali Weiss, Cator Sparks, Cory Kennedy and Hanuk Hanuk drank specialty cocktails and celebrated the famous footwear.

    Jack Purcell was a champion badminton player that inspired and designed the Converse sneakers. To stay authentic to the shoe, guests including Chris Hughes, dressed in their best badminton - inspired outfits. There were badminton rackets set around the room, Foosball tables set up, and the Jack Purcell sneakers lined the walls.

    After 75 years, the shoe still holds a strong presence with the Converse brand. They have been updated from the basic white to include plaid, sequins, and other patterns.


    Justyna Sroka, Robert Verdi

    Matthew Schneier, Josh Peskowitz, Julie Van Daele

    Alexandra Agostin, Conrad Dornan, Cory Kennedy, Sora An

    Annette Ramos, Ian Bradley, Hally Erickson, Andrew Heid, Whitney Larkin

    Britt Aboutalab, Kate Kaunitz

    Damien Nunes, Hanuk, Ben Barna, Maia Wojcik

    Jay Arcos, DJ Shadi

    Harry McNally, Catherine Newell-Hanson, Yuki James

    Keith Gulla, Julie Jenguemat, Jay Arcos, John Walker

    Ilirjana Alushaj, Kasey Capp, Kate Lanphear, David Thielebule, Gigi Burris

    Magnus Wedhammar, Luise Roe, Kristian Laliberte