Rose McGowan, Chelsea Leyland & Matthew Dear Celebrate The Launch Of DELQA At The New Museum

Our relationship with music is experiencing something of a sea change right now: fans need live music more than ever to supplement their unlimited streaming libraries, high-quality audio (or vinyl, depending on who you ask) is prioritized over mp3s, and entertainers are finding provocative ways to express themselves with sound. The New Museum taps in on this with their new installation DELQA, an interactive listening room featuring a new track by electronic mainstay Matthew Dear.

Each instrument or synth sound of the track is completely separated into 40 speakers, which guests can manipulate by touching panels of mesh connected to Microsoft Kinect sensors. At the preview the crowd immediately pulled, poked, and even climbed onto the panels, experiencing different sounds each time. After they checked out the installation, they moved to the New Museum lobby where are bar and DJ booth were set up, with artists Heathered Pearls DJing to kick off the celebration. Rose McGowan, Cecilia Dean, and Chelsea Leyland were among the guests who were also treated to a performance by Matthew Dear himself, to round out the launch. DELQA is open to the public until this Sunday, August 9th, and admission is free if you email

[Photos by Drew Reynolds]