[Peter Davis, Rachelle Hruska Macpherson, Dani Stahl]

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Last night, guests made their way downtown to the Etro Store to celebrate SCENE Magazine's November Issue with cover girl (and GofG founder) Rachelle Hruska Macpherson. The night also celebrated the launch of Etro's new fragrance, Greene Street, and at the end of the night guests went home with samples of the perfume. Attendees included Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Sean MacPherson, Peter Davis, Carson Griffith, Ashley Simko, Lindsey Nathan, Melissa Berkelhammer, Ilana Levinson, Dani Stahl, Monika Chiang, Travis Given, Jennifer Jan, Lucia Baserva, Jimmy Tiberg, William Vitiello, Rena Sherman, Alex Esquerra, Abigail Jergenson, Gabrielle Swan, Raymond Murguia, Rodney Post, Cricket Burns, Julie Dannenberg, and Lee Perinello.