Scott Zieher's "Concrete Poet" Exhibition Opening

by Gautam Balasundar · May 22, 2013

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    Last Wednesday, poet and artist Scott Zieher presented his newest work, "Concrete Poet," at the Charles Bank Gallery. Guests walked around and took in Zieher's collages, which consist of pieces of paper he found throughout New York. Notable attendees included Garrett Pruter, who currently has his "Interiors" show on display at Charles Bank, and Ryan Russo, who presented an exhibit during Armory Week.

    [Javier Pinon, Scott Zieher, Gina Fraone]

    Other guests included Javier Pinon, Gina Fraone, Brown Ross, Kristina Ross, Camille Desprez, Nikki Smith, Gareth Hughes, Rachel Owens, Abby Schulhoff, Eleanore Anderson, Adam Winner, Mark Cannariato, Anthony Miler, Andrea Zieher, Debi Sonzogni, Sam Adams, Mike Womack, Matvei Yankelovich, and Julia Goldberg.

    [Scott Zieher, Brown Ross, Kristina Ross]

    [Camille Desprez, Ryan Russo]

    [Nikki Smith]

    [Gareth Hughes, Rachel Owens] [Abby Schuloff, Eleanore Anderson]

    [Adam Winner, Mark Cannariato, Anthony Miller]

    [Andrea Zieher, A. G. Rosen, Debi Sonzogni]

    [Sam Adams, Mike Womack][Matvei Yankelovich, Julia Goldberg]

    [Garrett Pruter, Nikki Smith]