Sharon Stone And Alan Alda Host Screening Of "Behind The Burly-Q"

by Chiara Atik · April 20, 2010

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    Sharon Stone, Alan Alda, Michael Douglas, Mamie Gummer, Benjamin Walker, Steven Guttenberg, and Regis Philbin were among those who attended a screening of the documentary "Behind The Burly-Q" at MoMA last night, followed by a dinner at the 21 Club.-

    "Behind The Burly-Q", directed by Leslie Zemeckis, tells the story of Burlesque through the anecdotes of the women who lived it. The film had its hilarious moments (Alan Alda's childhood resentment of his family's pig, for instance), and the women interviewed are all immensely likeable. Still, "Behind The Burly-Q" did little to sugarcoat or mask the very real problems of working in an adult industry, including alcoholism and poverty.

    Sharon Stone, wearing long black leather gloves, introduced the film, jokingly referencing her own history of sometimes taking off her clothes in the name of entertainment.

    After the screening, a somewhat subdued audience (I won't "spoil" it, but the very last frames of the movie are kind of a bummer) headed over to the 21 Club for dinner, where the very attentive waiters continuously refilled the wine glasses until everyone perked up again.

    Is it a coincidence that The 21 Club in particular was chosen as the locale for the dinner? An impressive amount of Burlesque dancers interviewed in the movie recalled dalliances with JFK, and the 21 Club was one of his favorite New York City Restaurants. Coincidence or not, while dining, one couldn't help but think of the burlesque dancers he may have entertained there...