UPenn's Drunken Festival Relieves Students' Stress

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 20, 2010


    Oh college--beer, rooftops, face paint and red party cups. The goings easy, that is, until finals roll around. Thankfully, though, UPenn understands its students' drinking needs.


    This past weekend, UPenn honored its 35 year tradition of holding their annual Spring Fling festival--the biggest pre-finals shit show in college existence. This year, students celebrated their last sweet days of partying by attending performances by Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, and Shwayze (great for the stoner crowd).

    It seems as if the weekend was...well, college-esque. Plenty of dancing, drinking games, and rooftop hang outs were to be had.

    If only we could stay in college forever...oh the sloppy mistakes we'd still be making.

    True Life: College Rap Battlers

    A young Cobrasnake in the making...

    Swine flu: inhibiting college party life since 2009.

    "YO BRO! See this DJ?! I know him!!!"

    Reachin' the stars...

    Mass hysteria hits the Quad...

    Where in the world did this dude's head go?!

    [Photos via Facebook]