SPUN: DJing in Blaynista Style

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 7, 2010

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    Despite the 100 plus degree heat yesterday, people still went out to enjoy a night of being their own DJ and an open bar at the Foundation. In addition to being able to spin your own beats (with assistance by a professional DJ if needed), there were complementary liquor popsicles to cool people off and get them drunk at the same time.-

    Every Tuesday night of the summer, the Lower East Side bar throws it's free party Spun. Aspiring DJs get to take center stage at the DJ booth for ten to fifteen minutes. Zandile Blay (owner of fashion magazine Blaynista, fashion market editor for Paper Magazine, and style columnist for the Huffington Post) hosted this week's party. Her style consciousness was shared by the guests throughout the party.

    Hipster trends were most popular. Thick, black, plastic glasses that are Wayfarer-esq, guys in tight tanks and are not really unisex but just girl tops, skinny ties and fedora hats, and loose 80s crop tops. Skinny guys and girls who don't smile at the camera also followed suit for the hipster-ish crowd. Of course there were some people who didn't follow this look but opted for the "mainstream" trends like floral tops, printed dresses, and classic jeans or shorts with a top. Whether dressed to be different from or in-style with the trends, anyone and everyone could be a DJ at Spun last night.