VEGA At The Attic

Last night, health and wellness aficionados celebrated the re-formulation of VEGA One at the “My Best Day with Vega” event at The Attic Rooftop. At The Attic, which resembled an appropriately-themed greenhouse, the Vega team encouraged guests to experience their best day with with a host of activities: riding a BlenderBike that churned pumpkin pie VEGA One smoothies, body break massages by PRIV, self love photos with Bosco Booth, and healthy “Thriving Cocktails” infused with Vega hydrators that were perfect for winding down. Fitness expert Kim McDevitt led group #vegasquat competitions, while celebrated nutritionist Peggy K talked through the makings of the new VEGA One formula. Later, guests toasted with Peggy's chocolate mousse, made especially for the night. For a look at this event, be sure to check out our slideshow.

Who was there: Guests included James Koroni and Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute, Vogue's Melissa Rodriguez, Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News, NYC celebrity Personal Trainer Adonis Hill (@BodyByAdonis), Sara Angle from SHAPE, Cassandra Bodzak of Go Sweet & Skinny, and Jenna Tanenbaum and Amir Cohen of Green Blender.

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