StyleCaster Presents 'The State of Style Summit'

by Ramya Velury · February 8, 2012

    In partnership with Ford Motor Company and 92nd Street Y, StyleCaster held the inaugural State of Style Summit yesterday in Tribeca, and was live streamed by Watchitoo.

    The summit held a variety of panels, from the typical start-up fashion innovators, to even a rabbi, addressing the many relationships between style, design, non-profits and celebrity endorsements and how it determines fashion trends and the changes consumer purchasing behavior in a postmodern digital age. [David Goldberg, Ari Goldberg]

    [Photo via Ari Goldberg]

    Panelists included Ari Goldberg, Lauren Indvik, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Catherine Moellering, Rabbi Dovi Scheiner, Simone Oliver, Aliza Licht, Steve Davis, Oliver Laubscher, Sheryl Connelly, Aviad Arviv, Aslaug Magnusdottir, Willie Greene, Simon Collins, Mazdack Rassi, Tom Florio, Anthony Prozzi, David Neal, Darren Herman, Albert Azout, Joe Zawadzki, Gretchen Harnick, Maverick Carter, Ara Katz, Brent Poer, David Goldberg, Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minkoff, Mike Indursky, Courtney Boyd Myers, Scott Lipps, Doug Zarkin, Van Dyke Lewis, Neil Blumenthal, Lauren Bush, Simon Isaacs, Adam Braun, Anthony Prozzi, and Stacy London.

    [Right picture: David Goldberg (left), Ari Goldberg (middle), Rebecca Minkoff (middle), Uri Minkoff (right)]

    [Photos via Ari Goldberg]

    The State of Style Report was one of the main topics during this summit. Providing a comprehensive analysis of consumer fashion trends, this report will be launching this month in collaboration with Empirica Research, and experts from Harvard University and the University of Miami. This report archives data from 200 million consumers, creating an accurate guide of consumer purchasing trends. Including detailed purchase history, comprehensive social media analysis, and commentary from industry experts, this report is unlike anything seen before.

    Generating a trending topic of #StateofStyle in the New York City area, here are a few memorable quotes:

    "Technology is shaping global shopping trends. M-commerce generates 30% revenue." -Alexandra Wilson

    "If you're going through hell, keep going."- Uri Minkoff

    "Being supported by people who trust what you do is so important because so much of what we do is on the fly."-DKNY

    "Inspiration is everywhere, and it comes when you least expect it. I didn't prep for this panel, because prepping just takes you to one point." -Anatomy of Fashion panel

    "Only participate in the social when you can provide value."- Anatomy of Fashion panel

    "A dress is a dress, but if it sits on a rack what's the point?"- Anatomy of Fashion panel

    "A woman has a relationship with her bag." - Rebecca Minkoff

    [Willie Greene, second photo via StyleCaster]

    [Photos via StyleCaster]