Last night, every Bernie bro and babe in New York came out to support their favorite could-be presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Hosted by Susan Sarandon, Gaby Hoffmann and Mickey Sumner, the #BernNYBern bash was held inside NYC's latest cool kid haunt, Flash Factory, and featured artwork and performances by some of the city's leading creatives. Chappo, Wild Belle, and even a Bernie cover band (called The Bern All Star Band) were just a few of the energetic artists who took to the stage - the latter's take on "Berning Down The House" is a must-see, FYI. As the young crowd gushed out donations for catchy slogans and Sanders gear, Gaby Hoffmann introduced her friend, and inspiration, Susan Sarandon, which brought forth uproarious cheers. In a brief but no less stirring speech, the actress encouraged young voters to spread the message to the older generation and to "not vote with your vaginas." Message received, Susan. Message received. 

Who was there: Guests included Kyle Forrester, Susan Sarandon, Gaby Hoffmann, Jenny Lewis, Mapei, NAF, Fisher Stevens, Aerial East, Alex Chappo, Tennessee Thomas, Alex Auder, Chris Olson, David Feddock, Erika Spring, Nacor Zululaga, Alexa Chung, Brandee Brown, Chloe Caillet, Courtney Daniels, Illi Schestag, Liz Cvitan, Mickey Sumner, Patricia Marci, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Valerie Velazquez, and Alex Georgiou. 

[Photos by Matteo Prandoni/]