The Adventure Project Celebrates Their Entrepreneurs At 1534 Jacques

by Anita Lau · September 22, 2011

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    Founders Becky Straw and Jody Landers of The Adventure Project hosted their first ever NYC Cocktail party last night at 1534 Jacques.

    The Adventure Project has successfully supported many entrepreneurs in India, Haiti, Kenya and now Uganda and this event gave Straw and Lander the chance to meet the entrepreneurs.

    Special guest Betty Kyazike, one of the manager of The Adventure Project in Uganda who trained over 70 female micro-entrepreneurs stopped by last night to thank the guest for all their work and contribution.

    Also, Emily Farley of Cabana Cachaca mixed up some sweet complimentary cocktails for all the guest to enjoy at the event.

    [Betty Kyazike, Becky Straw, Jody Landers]

    [Betty Kyazike]

    [Jody Landers, Betty Kyazike, Becky Straw]

    [Betty Kyazike, Becky Straw, Jody Landers]

    All the proceeds raised at this event went to supporting their mission to employ one million of entrepreneurs working in developing countries. To learn more, visit: