Last Thursday evening saw the Upper East Side a flurry of social excitement, with more than four hundred guests turning out for The Boys’ Club of New York’s 71st Annual Fall Dance. Reliably one of the biggest social occasions of the year, this year's theme was The Green Gala, a nod to the organization's honorable commitment to substantive sustainability and environmental initiatives, with attendees encouraged to recycle a look from their wardrobe, borrow from a friend, or shop consignment. 

Brilliantly, many took the motif quite literally. Green gowns, green jewels - everywhere a chic sea of emeralds and limes and sages. We're sure a large amount of Armarium rentals were also on display.

A game of catch-up and pleasantries for many, cocktail hour lingered slowly into dinner, with too much fun being had to sit. Such passing conversational gems as "I live in Sagaponack, not nearly enough of the time..." and "That's why I'm so glad my daughter went to boarding school..." The last to cross the threshold of The Pierre's ballroom to find their seat at a table decorated to posh, verdant perfection? Miss Tory Burch, dressed in a fabulous frock of composed of a navy blue sequined dressed atop an orange blouse.

She was the last to arrive, until that is, appetizers cleared, and speech well underway, Tabitha Simmons rushed in, a vision in red. What has this taught me? I clearly need to start being far later to events for the sake of my social street cred. Like, if Tory and Tabitha are doing it! But I digress...

An incredible success, the evening raised $1.4 million for The Boys’ Club, as an excited group of 300 Young Advocates Circle Party joined post-desserts for dancing into the late hours.

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[Photos courtesy The Boys’ Club of New York]