First Photos Inside The Bunker Club, What Does The Hot Spot Opened By The Guy Behind The Beatrice Inn Look Like Inside?

by guestofaguest · October 29, 2010

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    The Bunker may be the most talked about nightlife spot of the week. Besides two soft openings including host to the Whitney Studio Gala's after party on Tuesday night, as well as the  Veuve Cliquot Yelloween party Thursday night; people obviously aren't overlooking the fact that it's owned by a Beatrice Inn alum, (Matt Abramcyk). So, what's it like inside? 

    Well, once you get down the staircase (which is directly to the Dos Caminos on 9th ave)'re in for hot bartenders in uniforms! when we first heard of The Bunker, we thought it was named because of its subterranean qualities. Imagine our surprise last night when we found all the bartenders and servers in WWII costumes.-

    The decor can best be described as "wartime chic", and guests last night were about as cozy as you can be in a WWII bunker.

    Somehow, we have a feeling real WWII bunkers didn't have liquor cabinets that were quite as well stocked...

    We are looking forward to spending more chilly nights bunkered down in the Bunker with service from these fine young men!

    [The Bunker Club, Taking Its Time To Get Things Right]