The Gangs Of New York Halloween Party

by Sophie Russell · October 31, 2011

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    On Friday night, guests gathered at the brand new Liberty Theater on West 41st Street for it's grand opening with a Gangs of New York inspired Halloween party.

    The event, produced by Unik, Mark Baker, Ronnie Madra and Richie Akiva, was a sold out affair sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka, and Felix Da Housecat and Sneak & Behrourz kept the party dancing through to 4am.

    Some guests chose to stick to the Gangs of New York theme but any costume was allowed, from Angels to Devils, from Tigger to Wonder Woman, from cowboys to Elmo...

    Guests included Russell Simmons, and Colin Cowie.

    [Mark Baker, Russell Simmons]

    [Jacklyn Mott, Krista Kiernan, Ariana Lafuente, Matt Evans]

    [Mark Baker, Russell Simmons, Troy Curtis, Christina Gottschalk, Colin Cowie, Collette Leonard, Steve Yorz]