The MET Keeps Pride Week Partying Going

by NATASHA STORER · July 23, 2010

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    The third annual post-pride cocktail party was held at the MET, showcasing the new Picasso and American Woman exhibitions.


    For the third year straight, The Metropolitan Museum of Art held a very-post pride week party (a good month after the event), with a summer cocktail reception held in the Great Hall, where a well-dressed crowd of art aficionados took advantage of seeing the expansive MET collections in the evening twilight.

    When the grandiose museum held its inaugural post-pride party sooo late, we could not work out why. No availability in the hall? Only realized in June that an event was needed to be planned? Lady Gaga was having an impromptu concert that day? But with this third year of this growing event, it looks the belated post pride party will become a permanent fixture.

    Gives enough of our favorite dancing queens time to replenish and recover from the craziness that is pride week, as well as organize some great art inspired outfits.