Ian Schrager, Rosario Dawson, Ben Pundole

Ian Schrager, Rosario Dawson, Ben PundoleThere were a handful of decadent rooms which guests moved between, which sometimes felt like a maze simply due to the sheer number of people moving about. The dinner featured char-grilled lamb, burrata, king salmon, and a chocolate cremeux for dessert. But the night really picked up when the party started, and the lobby on the main floor essentially became a club. Q-tip was on the decks and the vibe was perfect for a hotel opening. Mark Ronson looked as stylish as ever, and the the crowd was slightly taken aback when Leonardo DiCaprio walked through with Richie Akiva (and some security, of course). Back on the second floor, Alexa Chung was enjoying cocktails with Devonte Hynes, and then lined up with Harley Viera Newton, Ross One, and Brendan Fallis, against the wall in picture perfect fashion. The peak came when two beautiful ladies hopped up on one of the dining table to dance, right at the center of the party, and EDITION VP and A Hotel Life founder Ben Pundole quickly joined them to put an exclamation mark on this new chapter of New York nightlife. [Photos by Billy Farrell/BFA]
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