The Outstanding 50 Asian Americans In Business Awards Gala

by Jonee Nunes · June 17, 2011

    50 Outstanding Asian-American's in Business

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    Fifty Asian Americans from a variety of Asian ethnic backgrounds were honored at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City last night.  This amazing group was referred to as "The Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business"  The gala is currently the only forum that recognizes the achievements of Asian Americans in the United States.

    Ida LiuOutstanding 50 Asian-American's in BusinessJudy Arteche-Carr, John Wang, Delle Sering-FojasThe Outstanding 50 Asian-American's in Business

    Joe Biden's White House proclamation was announced, shortly another politician, Senator Chuck Schumer, graced the awards gala with his presence.  Senator Schuman spoke that evening, of both encouragement and empathy towards Asian Americans engaged in business in the United States.  Dr. Sapna Parikh, former medical correspondent for Fox News served as the MC for the evening, and presented the highly esteemed awards.

    Sapna Parikh Dr. Sapna Sapikh

    John Wang, Deven Sharma The 50 Outstanding Asian-Americans In BusinessThe 50 Outstanding Asian-Americans In Business

    Individuals receiving awards last night were members of the elite Asian American business owners, professionals, and corporate executives.  The honorary guests of the evening were identified and selected by an award committee.  The criteria was based on outstanding leadership, vision and accomplishments.  They chose those who had managed to successfully distinguish themselves in their communities, and had built prominent businesses.

    Lijie Zhu, Jeff SineCheong-Tai Leung

    The highest accolade of the night was presented to Deven Sharma.  Sharma, President of Standard & Poor's, received the highly regarded Pinnacle Award.  Prior to his post at Standard & Poor's,  he was executive vice president of Global Strategy at The McGraw-Hill Companies for five years. Sharma then served as partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton.  It is evident that Deven Sharma has earned this award through his trailblazing in the business arena.

    John Wang, the President of the Asian American Business Development Center stated:

    "The award not only honors individuals, but serves to encourage the development of talent and leadership of Asian Americans"

    Sharma, joined by the other recipients of the night continue to make a profound impact on the Asian American Community and the future of Asian American participation and success in business.

    The 50 Outstanding Asian-Americans In Business Awards Gala Andrew J.C. Kao