Four years have passed. Four years with the length of four long winters, and FINALLY The Webster is here! Boutique department store The Webster - the pink flamingo loving Miami shopping staple - has opened their doors in Soho. This being their fifth and newest location, making the move to New York was all about getting it right. Six floors of fashion heaven, "the building dates back to 1878, but in the '40s some of the floors were destroyed and were never restored. So I decided to rebuild it and give back its original beauty. I also collaborated with Christopher Osvai on the interiors and with his help, it became even more special," says the brand's founder, Laure Heriard Dubreuil.

Laure's favorite aspect of the store to help design? "The Penthouse! I refer to it as our little Scarface moment…another little reminder of Miami. I’m looking forward to all the special events we will have up there and the clients that will get to enjoy it as a luxurious escape."

This past week, the city's sartorial rolodex showed up in style for The Webster Soho Pink Holiday Party, complete of course with a mess of pink balloons installed by balloon artist, Robert Moy, and an all too photogenic pink flocked Christmas tree with flamingos perched on the branches.

[Photos by Madison Voelkel/]