Everyone knows that when Halloween straddles two weekends, it's double double toil and trouble. Kicking off the festivities with a bang, Caroline Vazzana hosted the hottest party in town this past Saturday, turning The Seville into the Emerald City.

A fashion force and modern day Carrie Bradshaw, Caroline's Dorothy outfit was, of course, the star of the show. Sporting a custom made pinafore dress and with perfectly puffy sleeves designed by Jennifer Diederich, magical sparkle red Miu Miu heeled Mary Janes, and topping the Kansas goes couture look with a classic basket tote and basket of pearls earrings by Chefanie Nass.

“I’ve always loved Halloween because I love getting all dressed up!" says Caroline. "But as I've gotten older I’ve found it harder to find inspiration for over the top costumes, especially since my everyday wardrobe consists of colors and sparkles even when it’s not Halloween! When the opportunity came about to work with The Seville to host this Halloween party I instantly knew I wanted the theme to be The Wizard of Oz. I’ve loved the Oz books and movies since I was super young and the world of Oz has always been a huge inspiration for my style. My hope was that guests would go all out and put their own unique spin on the tradition characters and loved story - and they definitely did not disappoint!”

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[Photos by Jocko Graves/BFA]