Topsfield Art Opening At The Highline Loft

by Ann Chow · February 3, 2012

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    Last night, Andrea Mitchell and Gloria Naftali hosted the Topsfield Art Opening at The Highline Loft. Special guests included Russell Simmons and Melissa George. The event, which was curated by Grear Patterson, showed pieces by artist Michele Francis.

    Guests enjoyed complimentary wine.

    [Michele Francis, Melissa George, Russell Simmons, Gloria Naftali]

    [Gloria Naftali, Michele Francis]

    [Gloria Naftali, Michele Francis]

    [Grear Patterson, Michele Francis]

    [Melissa George]

    [Grear Patterson on right]

    [Melissa George, Grear Patterson, Michele Francis]

    [Michele Francis, Gloria Naftali]