Out Of Order Model Boxing

Last night, Out Of Order magazine hosted a special event supported by global conglomerate Kering to celebrate the end of fashion week and their new collaboration book with the Parsons MFA program, Phase III. The event brought back underground model boxing, something that was regularly held several years ago in NYC. This time the event took place at Church Street Boxing, where a boxing ring was in the center of a large basement room. Other than the bar set up with Sailor Jerry and Dobel tequila cocktails, nothing was done differently to decorate the space, but the high ceiling, the scores of boxing match-up posters, and red lighting created one of the most interesting and alluring atmospheres for a fashion party. It was ironic: there was a faint smell of sweat, lockers, and boxing equipment throughout, but multiple guests exclaimed "this is SO chic." They weren't wrong though; there was something undeniably captivating about the event.

Male models filled up the space, with six of them actually doing the fighting. Ashley Smith enjoyed the vibe, and told us she was even tempted to just hop in the ring and get a few rounds in with Hailey Clauson, if it wasn't such a bad career move. We were surprised to see Aaron Young, who we hadn't seen in some time, but he reminded us that he has an 8 month old son who takes up all of his time these days. Dorian Grinspan of Out Of Order was also running around the venue greeting guests but soon situated himself on a platform where he could view the fights from above. As the three fights went underway, it was apparent how much the crowd was into it. We heard shouts of "let's see some blood" and "keep your hands up!" multiple times, as the models went for it in the 3-round bouts. The DJ spun upbeat tunes to keep the energy up between fights, and if it weren't for the boxing ring it would have felt more akin to an underground warehouse party (save for the DJs sudden TLC "No Scrubs" drop near the end). The event was the perfect way to cap off a busy fashion week, and fortunately for us, the male models didn't get beat up too badly.

Who was there: Guests included Bella Thorne, Scout Willas, Ashley Smith, Gael Garcia Bernal, Allegra Versace, Isaac Ferry, Peter Brant, Aaron Young, Alexis Dahan, Ryan McNamara, Sebastien Faena, Nick Niarchos, Theo Niarchos, Eli Reed, Alexandra Richards, Laurent Claquin, Nicky Hissom, Claire Distenfeld, Brad Peltz, Aaron Stern, Constantin Bjerke, Nolan Gerard Funk, David Velasco, Dorian Grinspan, Dillon Sachs, Artie Vierkant, Fred Iseman, and Grace Koo.