Vice & Virtue Reign At The 2015 Apollo Circle Benefit

Last night, the Temple of Dendur played host to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Apollo Circle Benefit, where members of the Apollo Circle joined the museum with a theme of "Vice and Virtue" alongside the temple's monuments. The hall was decked with apple tree foliage - no doubt an artistic metaphor to original sin, as members and guests waited endlessly in line to take the quintessential Instagram photo of the night, flanked by ancient Egyptian statues overlooking the Temple and its reflecting pool. DJ Chelsea Leyland provided the music for the evening, taking over after last year's DJ duo Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis and keeping the streak of NYC cool kids lending their name to Metropolitan Museum events alive and well.

Who was there: Guests included Chelsea Leyland​, ​Catherine Smith​, ​Samantha Moray, ​Lydia Melamed Johnson, ​Melanie Wallner​, ​Barbara Regna​, ​Polina Proshkina​, ​Ariana Rockefeller​, ​Dominique Fasson​, ​Emily Thompson​, ​Krystn Hammond​, ​Paul Shufro​, ​Peter Regna​, ​Alana Bullrich​, ​Alejandro Santo Domingo​, ​Athina Shum​, ​Bethany​ ​Brady Ferrell​, ​Brook Bates​, ​Catherine Kremer​, ​Charlotte Van Dercook​, ​Cloe Richards​, ​Dan Tanzilli​, ​Delphine de Causans​, ​Gotham​, ​Hallie Geller​, ​Holly​ ​Cornell​, ​Katie Ho​, ​Lucy Lang​, ​Maria Ward​, R​ami Zeidan​, ​Rebecca Rutherford​, ​Scott Asher​, ​Susan Berishaj, ​Alejandra Pulido​, ​Alex Lageteo​, ​Alex Patterson​, ​Alexis Siniscalchi​, ​Anna Schoettle​, and ​Lauren Junge​.

[Photos by Joe Schildhorn/]