Waterford Presents: Live A Crystal Life With Julianne Moore

by Alexi Yeldezian · December 9, 2011

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    Last night, at Center 548, Waterford, the storied luxury house of crystal hosted “Live a Crystal Life” to unveil its premier Interiors portfolio and celebrate the new era of the brand.

    The event brought Waterford’s vision to life with a multi-layered experience using design as a platform to immerse guests into the Waterford lifestyle.

    An industrial freight elevator illuminated with crystal prisms transported party revelers to the spectacular space adorned with a floating crystal chandelier installation. DJ sets by Glamour’s Rajni Jacques and Naag.com’s Chris Bletzer entertained guests as they explored the dramatic surroundings, which boasted a champagne tower of nearly 500 of Waterford’s iconic Lismore coupes as well as a striking crystal bar and intimate vignettes, highlighting never-seen-before pieces from Waterford Interiors designed by John Rocha, Jo Sampson, and Billy Canning.

    Guests included Julianne Moore, Tinsley Mortimer, Pierre de Villemejane, John Rocha, Jo Sampson, Alexandra Richards, Antony Todd, Boris Talan, Brad Walsh, Carlos Quirarte, Carrie MacLemore, Chris Habana, Christian Langbein, Christian Siriano, DJ Bobby Nourmand, DJ Tennessee Thomas, Donny Deutsch, Fern Mallis, Francis Tulk-Hart, Genevieve Jones, Geoffrey Wigdor, Kipton Cronkite, Kris Fuchs, Michelle Reneau, Miles Freeland, Rebecca Minkoff, Robert Verdi, Rory Tahari, Lisa Archambault, Regan Iglesia, and more.

    [Pierre de Villemejane, Julianne Moore]

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