We Drank A Lot Of Tequila (& Learned A Few Things) With Casa Noble

With the end of summer, comes (seasonal) depression, and with depression, comes tequila. That's a pretty hard medical fact right there. This week we combated the cold and spent a cozy night at Bodega Negra eating some guac, exploring #TheNoblePursuit, and drinking lots and lots of tequila. Legendary doorman Wass Stevens was joined by tequila expert Jay Silverman, mixology master Leighann Pedra, and Marquee's Jon Schwartz at the intimate event, where we also spotted actor Gregg Bello and tattoo artist David Tevenal. The intimate, cool-kid gathering offered tastings and tequila lessons, as well as plenty of Polaroids (you can never have too many). Click through for an inside look!

[Photos courtesy Casa Noble]