The first person that I saw upon walking in to the Whitney Studio Party was sartorial sensation Di Mondo - a vision of spring itself, dressed up as a bouquet of flowers. I'm not going to lie, I was 120% sure that he was a party performer / entertainer commissioned by the Whitney (I've clearly been spending too much time at eccentric soirées as of late), making it seem very appropriate for me to just tap him on the shoulder and ask to grab a shot of him. About ten minutes later, when I realized he was just an amazingly extra guest, I wore a wonderful shade of embarrassment for the rest of the evening.

Such is the annual scene at the museum's after party. An artsy crowd fashionably feeling themselves. Though this year, I must say, the event was colored all the more interesting by the fact that it was honoring Michael Bloomberg, who filled the dinner portion of the evening with an older, more business-y (read: actual patrons of the arts) class. Oh what I would give to know what was WASPily whispered about the sea of peacocking ensembles. But actually, feathers were very big this year.

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[Photo by Carl Timpone/BFA]