Paul Sevigny, Paul Sevigny [Paul Sevigny, Paul Sevigny]

Did you know that there were two Paul Sevignys running around NYC? Neither did we, but they came face to face last night at the Disaronno Terrace party at The Jimmy at the James Hotel. You probably are familiar with Paul Sevigny, the DJ-cum-nightclub owner (of Paul's Baby Grand), but have you met the other Paul Sevigny? Paul Sevigny #2 (or is he #1?) is the brand ambassador for Disaronno and was more than happy to mix up a drink and pose for a photo with the other Paul Sevigny. Check out more from the party in our slideshow! Where: The Jimmy at the James Hotel

Who was there: Guests included DJs Mia Moretti, Alice Quiddington, BOTH Paul Sevignys and Johannes Huebel.

[All photos by Alexa Gaena]