Winterfest 2012 Hosted By The Sumeria Group

by Kermichelle Leo · January 23, 2012

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    Winterfest 2012 hosted by Sumeria Group, took place  this past Saturday at Terminal 5. The event attracted over 1,000 young professionals. Guests enjoyed an open bar and dancing all night with music provided by DJ Earworm and DJ Tasser.

    Proceeds from the event were donated to the St. Joseph's School in the Bronx towards school enrichment programs and a scholarship fund for students of families living below the Federal Poverty Level. Sumeria has also created a mentor program in which 25 volunteers are paired up with the school's 7th graders until their time at St. Joseph's is completed.

    [Simon Hammer; St. Joseph School Board Member, Noah Feder; St. Joseph School, Alex Widen; Sumeria Group Executive Director, Brett Shisler; St. Joseph School board member]