Wednesday evening, clothing brand slash stylish answer to professional women's prayers everywhere, Of Mercer, hosted a scene so lovely and warm it would have done The Feminine Mystique proud. The first in a series of intimate gatherings to come, this Women of Substance Underground Supper Club drew quite the accomplished crowd - an inspiring group of women on the rise from designers and editors, to actresses, chefs, lawyers and more.

Guests exchanged pleasantries over a cocktail hour wet with Moet Chandon, enjoyed a brilliant performance by sure to be next big thing, singer Grace Weber, and fought family style over platters of all too delicious fare. After all, byCHLOE cookies are beyond worth killing for. Spirits were lively all around, aided much by the inescapable friendliness of one Emmy Rossum, who bounced from seat to seat, chatting up and charming every guest the way that only a real movie star could.

Who was there: Guests included Emmy Rossum, Jackie Cruz, Whitney Port, Georgine Ratelband, Khirma Eliazov, Natalie Suarez, Dylana Suarez, Elizabeth Kurpis, and Julia Loomis.