A $20 Million Facelift

by MADDY MADISON · May 23, 2008

     [Photo from NY Daily News]

    Sure, when I'm waiting for the N on a soon-to-be-sweltering subway platform instead of rolling down a taxi window, I entertain fantasies of anonymous benefactors and stumbling across a briefcase full of cash. For now, I'm still riding the subway, but it looks like one of the East Village's well-loved but down-and-out insitutions got (my!) jackpot wish of all time: $20 million. No strings or name atttached. Just like that. Of course, the townsfolk left no opportunity to invoke religious metaphors go to waste, calling the donation a "miracle", "godsend", and a gift from an angel. I'm just glad the city will now be able to hold onto a building that is over 160 years old, open for public use, and is not a Tasti-d Lite.

    St. Brigid's [Daily News]