A Small World Wants Us To Enjoy Some Quiet Time

by Rachelle Hruska · October 6, 2008

    I haven't been on A Small World in a long time, and got the itch to see what my Euro friends were doing this Sunday.  This is what came up when I logged on.  I took the suggestion to heart and spent the rest of the day drinking bloody mary's with friends before moving on to wine at Kingswood where I sat gazing at Whitney Port and her new boy toy (Note: only 20% of my table knew who Whitney Port was which was refreshing, 90% of them knew about the Spandax Sundays party starting downstairs and around the corner at 11:00, also refreshing).

    I will highlight ASW's "New Features" below:


    -very very similar to the sort of  thing you see over at facebook, and something they should have added quite a long time ago.  You can create events and invite your asw friends.

    This is the only new feature, so I'm not sure where they justified the plural in their announcement above.  I am, however, very grateful for their suggestion to get away from the internet...Sunday's need to be a day of rest.

    [Introducing Spandex Sundays At Kingswood]