Artistic License Or NYC Graffiti Permits?

by MADDY MADISON · April 22, 2008

    dog signContinuing in yesterday's scatological tradition, courtesy of Single Threat's stealthy camera work, I present you with my neighborhood's latest public offering: Turd Tags. Yes, New York City has a long, illustrious, and occasionally notorious, track record of innovative street murals and stunning graffiti. Astoria actually has an entire building (exterior, that is) devoted to the cause called 5 Pointz. It's a fantastic afternoon jaunt in the warmer seasons, as it changes every few months. The owner of the building saw the need for a free, legal space for artists to display their work so he allows those who apply to simply paint over previous pieces once they've distracted enough drivers from the road. Plus, it's right across from MOMA's P.S. One so you can really go wrong.

    Back to Williamsburg's strange penchant for painting poo.

    It seems that the neighborhood's residents, or creative visitors from Bushwick, have decided to devote their talents to turd tagging. A few possible reasons for this? (1) To highlight the tragic injustice that is dog-walkers without pooper scoopers. (2) To strike a blow for all artists of the world who believe their precious craft has gone to the dogs, or simply just to shit. (3) To see if New Yorkers would write about it! Well, two out of three isn't bad. In the meantime, head over to Astoria and check out the local color. It's worth your while.